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What Is Rashi?

When a child is born, the period and position of the moon tells his moon sign. The sign and its lord depending upon its nature, characteristics and effects define the native. Astrology use this moon sign to predict the future.

Except this, we have sun sign. Astrologers use sun sign to tell the behavior and nature of the native. The position of the sun in a particular place at the time of birth decides the sun sign.

What Is Lagna?

We have twelve houses in the birth chart. The first house is known as the lagna or ascendant. At the time of the birth, sign rising from the east is known as the ascendant.

One can tell the native's nature, characteristics, interests, hobbies, problems, and qualities with the help of Lagna. It is considered that, one can know about each and everything about the native if you know your Lagna only.

Rashi Lagna Ascendant

Lagna calculator helps you calculate your Moon sign and Sun sign. Many people still don't know about their own Moon sign, Sun sign and Birth ascendant. Many astrologers use Sun sign to predict or to see the horoscope while some use Moon sign or Birth ascendant.

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